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Pincipali Produttori

Siti internazionali ed Italiani

Hewlett Packard HP Italiana
IBM Corporation IBM Italia
Compaq Compaq Italia
Creative Labs Creative Labs
EPSON Epson Italia
Intel Intel - Italia
AMD AMD - Italia
Dell Computer Dell Italia
Apple Computer Apple Computer

Produttori Chipset

Siti internazionali

* Intel Intel Corporation is the world's largest chip maker and leading manufacturer of personal computer, networking, and communications products
* AMD - Advanced Micro Devices AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. AMD produces processors, flash memories, programmable logic devices, and products for communications and networking applications
* ALI - Acer Laboratories Inc. Founded in 1987, Acer Laboratories Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of integrated circuits for personal computer and embedded systems markets
* SiS - Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation SiS was founded in 1987, and located in the Science-based Industrial Park at Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. Today, SiS is not only the largest publicly listed chip set supplier in Taiwan but also the only company in the world besides Intel with full platform of 3C technologies including CPU, core logic, 3D graphics, connectivity, and advanced wafer fabrication
* VIA Technologies PC Chipsets from the Technology Leader

Produttori Schede Grafiche

Siti internazionali

* 3dfx Established in 1994 by graphics pioneers from such companies as Silicon Graphics, Digital Equipment Corporation, MIPS Computer Systems and Pellucid, 3dfx Interactive has kept its sights firmly set on delivering the world’s fastest 3D game performance at a price that makes it accessible to consumers
* S3 Founded in 1989, S3 ® Incorporated pioneered graphics accelerat on with the world's first single-chip graphics accelerator, significantly improving the performance of the personal computer (PC). Over the next 10 years, S3 went on to become one of the world's largest suppliers of graphics and video accelerators by consistently delivering leading-edge technology and establishing strong relationships with top tier add-in card and PC manufacturers
* Nvidia designs, markets and sells a complete family of award-winning 3D graphics processors that deliver industry-leading performance and visual quality for a broad range of PC applications, including: enterprise visualization, e-commerce, e-business, entertainment
and education
* Matrox Building on more than two decades of excellence and innovation in the computer industry, Matrox Graphics Inc. is a leading graphics chip designer and board manufacturer whose vision to provide computer users with the highest quality in high-performance graphics solutions has been consistently realized year after year
* ATI Technologies Founded in 1985, ATI Technologies Inc. develops, manufacturers and markets graphics accelerators, both boards and components, as well as multimedia software and hardware for the worldwide personal computer (PC) and Macintosh markets. ATI offers 3D, 2D, Video, AGP, DVD, TV Tuners and Multimedia solutions to enhance your computing experience

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